Why Not in Full Sun?
3 Tips How to Make Stunning
Portraits at Midday

They said you can't do it... It must be possible!

I used to capture people during the mornings or evenings when the light is naturally softer which makes colours warmer. Often it highlights the facial features in such incredible way that you won't need any make-up as the sun will do the most of work.

However, there is no bad light for photography!
You just need to be a little bit creative...

During the last session with Andrea just by a coincidence we ended up taking pictures at noon. As it was in Quito located at the equator you can imagine how strong the light was!

So, how to make portraits in the full sun?

Check out Our 3 Simple Tips
together with the pictures of amazing Andrea!

1. Hide in the Shadow

Yes, you don't need a full sun to have enough light for the pictures. Instead, you can use sun reflections from the street, ground, or plants. Actually, it's the simplest thing that you can do! If you use the light correctly, you won't need to deal with shadows on face, wrinkles, and other skin imperfections...

2. Use midday light as a contrast

In this case you will need to go to the full shadow and use the reflections of strong background light as a contrast! The face of your model will be dark but it can create a mysterious effect and will mask all of the wrinkles as well.

3. Ask your model to look up

If you like to make pictures in a full sun - do it! Watch the shadows on the face and guide your model to where the best curve is... Well used light will work like natural make up! You might need to ask her to look up a bit in order to prevent the appearance of shadows below the eyes. Remember words are usually sufficient way of communication!

* You might support yourself with a light reflector or flash. However, usually I use only the light available in a place. Making pictures this way is more challenging and you will need to think creatively. Furthermore, you won't need to carry tones of additional equipment!

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Midday Portrait - Half Shadow


Midday Portrait  - Half Shadow


Midday Portrait  - Full Sun


Midday Portrait -  Full Sun


Midday Portrait - Half Shadow


Midday Portrait - Full Shadow



The Pictures of Andrea are part of our Photographic Project  Shades of the Soul [Street-Glam].
We took them in the Historic Centre of Quito, the capital of Ecuador.


The project contains a series of fine art portraits in urban environments which shows the connection between people and cities where we are living. This time when we started shooting it was already midday... Therefore, we had to hide somewhere!

Firstly, we visited the City Museum which is on the junction of García Moreno and Rocafuerte streets in Quito Centre. It's a safe place to take pictures as the guards are around. The light was softer there and reflections from stones painted Andrea's face beautifully, as can be seen in the first two pictures above. Furthermore, the monumental columns made an interesting architectural background... which covered the project's principals.

Next, we went to one of the Cafeterías nearby. Inside was quite dark. We took several pictures next to the window. Therefore, strong midday light in the background gave an impressive contrast between the model and view from the window... All of that created a mysterious atmosphere.

Lastly we took photographs at the San Francisco square with birds and in the hotel Casa Gangotena. That was the most challenging part as it was in full sun and a lot of people were around. However, carefully cropping eliminated people from the background and the right angle worked as natural make-up highlighting the shape of Andrea's face again.

So all of the concepts worked fine!

Midday Portrait  - Half Shadow in the City Museum

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Midday Portrait  - Full Sun in the Casa Gangotena