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Photographer :    Marianna Tarczynska

We value energy and spirit more than rules.
Photography for us is about emotions.
It's about telling the story behind the image and creating the art to  inspire.



4 February - 5 March 2016
Casa de la Cultura; Quito, Ecuador.
Junio 2016
Casa del Portal; Ambato, Ecuador.
September 2016
Casa Museo Guillermo León Valencia; Popayán, Colombia.


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Marianna Tarczynska

Polish humanitarian photographer. Her pictures have been exhibited in Sweden, Poland, Ecuador, and Colombia. Creator of Photographic group and photo competition "El Arte de la Fotografía Ecuatoriana".
Since 2014 living in Ecuador.

These  are  copyrighted  photographs  under  "Polish Copyright Law".
Copying  without  a  written  permission  is  prohibited.