9 Colours of Ecuador

GOAL  To increase awareness about the diversity of Ecuadorian Nature. We would like to open discussion regarding the needs of Ecuadorian Society, show Real Life of the Country and promote Ecuadorian Culture Worldwide.

WHAT WE DO During the last two years we have completed a series of pictures taken in the Ecuadorian Mountains, Rainforest, and by the Pacific Ocean. Now we are looking for opportunities to cooperate with Charity Organisations in order to get closer to the local communities. Our collection contains 18 photographs ready to exhibit and we have started to get in touch with Art Galleries.

GET IN TOUCH  If you would like to exhibit our artworks or work with us as a charity organisation, please contact us by sending an email to:   contact@marianna-photography.com.

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Photograph of the Project '9 Colours of Ecuador' - Andean Corn Plantation

Photo Competition AFE

GOAL  To promote Ecuadorian Artists Worldwide by providing a place to showcase the most impressive of their artworks related to photography.

WHAT WE DO We are an initiator of the group "El Arte de la Fotografía Ecuatoriana" where photographers can present their artworks free of charge. We are creators of an OnLine Gallery where every month images selected by us are presented. The Winners gain recognition and are advertised via our Social Media with over 11,000 users. Now we are looking for sponsors who will provide monthly awards for the winners in exchange for presenting their commercial name online.

GET IN TOUCH  Feel free to join the competition by subscribing here. Now we have more than 5,000 members within Ecuador and we are growing more every month. If you would like to sponsor the awards, please contact us by sending an email to:  sponsorship@marianna-photography.com.

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Shades of the Soul
[Street - Glam]

GOAL  To show everyday urbanisation in a new light. We are going to contrast strong architecture with soft femine beauty. The fine art portraits are going to have a natural feeling in order to represent a relationship between the people and the cities where they are living. We would like to show the citizens soul together with their unique emotions.

WHAT WE DO  The Project is in an early stage. However, we have already completed several series of portraits in the capital of Ecuador; Quito. Now we are looking for new faces and unusual places for shooting.

GET IN TOUCH  If you can provide access to interesting places in the Quito Area or if you are a woman and would like to take a part in the project, please contact us by sending an email to:  contact@marianna-photography.com.

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Photograph of the Project 'Shades of the Soul [Street - Glam]'

Official Sponsorship Programme

GOAL  With the beginning of 2016 we are going to introduce an Official Sponsorship Programme. Please check out the updates!

WHAT WE DO  We are seeking sponsors for the photographic projects who would like to take part in the Sponsorship Programme. The Sponsorship Programme will be introduced officially in 2016.

GET IN TOUCH  If you are interested in becoming a sponsor of our photographic projects, please contact us by sending an email to:  sponsorship@marianna-photography.com.