An Art of the Kite
Milton Keynes
Great Britain

Travel image - Milton Keynes, Great Britain

Usually the sky is mysterious cloudy in UK...

If you add a wind, you will get perfect weather for trying out the kite.

The picture taken from a distance exposed the contrast between blue three-layer sky and body shapes over the ground.

All of that created a beautiful story about an Art of the Kite.

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Chair Man

Travel image - Karlskrona, Sweden

Sometimes you can feel lonely in Sweden.

You can walk whole day among charming landscapes and don't find anyone except pure nature.

However, this time someone had been there definitely!

Probably a man...

He could be watching the sea whole day and enjoying cool breeze over his face. Or maybe he was reading newspaper and drinking whisky to forget some unwanted memories.

You will never know.

All what have been left was just an empty chair.

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Take a look my Friend!

Travel image - Monterosso, Italy

It is said that a dog is a man's best friend.

Someone decided to build this statue on the coast of Monterosso.
It shows perfectly the friendship among a man and his dog.

There were plenty of tourists around. All of them were making pictures in front of the statue. Unfortunately, they haven't realized how the view was intriguing from the back side...

Sometimes, all what you need to do is just to take a look around.

You will get a different perspective which can give you a unique shot!

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