Into the Witches...
Convert Your Pictures Like
Never Before!

There was a Halloween Event at the Department of Natural Medicine, University ISTE (Instituto Tecnológico Superior Esculapio) in Quito, Ecuador. The competition was about the best hat, so the students wore Witches' costumes.

Earth Witches, Wood Witches, Water Witches, Hope Witches, Fire Witches, Sexy Witches, Fashion Witches, Scary Witches ...

Halloween is the time when people are getting crazy about taking pictures of costumes and painted faces. It seems to be an unusual. However, at the end of the day all of those images are looking the same. That's why, it was necessary to invent a Halloween Effect. Now all of the photographs taken got a new unique view, like never before...

Check out the pictures and simple tutorial below !

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Jessy Witch by Marianna Photography.

Halloween Image - Jessy Witch

Susana Witch by Marianna Photography.

Halloween Image - Susana Witch

Cecilia Witch by Marianna Photography.

Halloween Image - Cecilia Witch

Marianna Witch taken by Susana Estrella, idea and retouching Marianna Photography.

Halloween Image - Marianna Witch

Rebeca Witch by Marianna Photography.

Halloween Image - Rebeca Witch


You can perform those steps in Photoshop or Gimp, as you wish !


1. Pick up a picture with a scary or strange  facial expression.
 Those ones are the best for turning into the Halloween Witch!

2. If the picture is in colour, convert it into  B&W.

  • Increase contrast.
  • Perform the basic retouching.
  • Apply geometric distortion.
  • Add vignette.

  • 3. Duplicate it two more times above your original picture.

  • Convert file to colour.
  • Turn one of the duplicates into green.
  • Turn the other one into red.
  • Set up a semi-transparency for both.
  • Move them, one little bit left and the other one right.

  • 4. If you wish to have a more clear face:

  • Erase the facial area from both of your semi-transparent duplicates.
  • Adjust colour to the original picture at the lowest layer,
    so the whole image will be consistent.

  • 5. On the end you can add more distortion to the picture
     at the lowest layer, but it is optional.

    Now it will look completely like a 100% Halloween Witch!

    * If would you like to use this tutorial on your pictures, please share the reference.

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    Halloween Image - Professor Witch