Enjoying Rainy Weather

Travel image - Pichincha, Ecuador

Ecuadorian mountains are really high in comparison to Europe.
If you didn't do acclimatization you will get high disease for sure.

Despite the high attitude, it was getting cloudy, windy, rainy, and cold...

The most of the people will decide to go down in those conditions. However, if you are photographer you think differently. You see the wind over the grass and incredible soft light.

That's perfect conditions for taking pictures!

Don't worry your camera should resist a little bit of water...
Just enjoy the results!

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Make a Difference!

travel image - Karkonosze, Poland

The old ruined buildings are usually very photogenic.
However, there is thousands pictures of them...

If you want to make a difference, sometimes you need to be a little bit lucky.

The cat which passed by made a huge contrast between alive against old and dead. That created the feeling of confusion. Especially, because even the animal is not sure where to go, and what to do.

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Stunning Sheep Lines

travel image - Beskidy, Poland

Who doesn't love sunsets?
Pleasing orange light during the end of the day...

If you are on high attitude, the landscape is often coming up with beautiful lines over the sky. If only there is something dynamic happening around... You have a perfect chance to get good shot.

The sheep became a theme of the photograph together with a curved landscape line. All of that is contrasted by stunning sunset in the far.

You can feel the natural harmony!

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