There are still some places in the world where civilisation progress hasn't arrived yet... One of those I found in the Polish Mountains.

There is a unique refuge for hikers wholly made from wood with no running water or modern facilities. The only technology which has arrived there is an old telephone which is used for emergency reasons.

- Would you like a pizza?
- Forget!

Here to get the water you need to go down to the river and bring it by yourself. To warm it up you need to cut the wood and make fire in the steel kitchen. If you need a light the only way is to light up the candle.

All of that sounds like the last place where you would want to be. However, because there are no modern inventions, people are unusually nice to each other. Everyone who has been there knows what I am talking about.

They like to cook together and share the food. They spend whole night with candles playing guitar and sharing thoughts and experiences. But the most important thing is that they like to help each other!

Not so common behaviour nowadays...

That's why maybe it's better to keep this place unspoken,
so as to not damage its unique culture.

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