Love Pacific Breeze!
Esmeraldas Playa

Trvel image - Esmeraldas, Ecuador

The beaches in Esmeraldas are usually very crowded during the summer time. However, If you walk an hour or two out of the city, you will definitely find lovely places!

The man was offering a boat trip to watch whales in the ocean. One of them just ended so the people had already gone out... That's how the charming boat appeared in the background of the silent ocean.

The magnificent atmosphere was created by contrasting shining water with cloudy sky. It is all together in harmonic blue colour, so you can feel the breeze over your skin.

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Incredible Foggy Rainforest
Mindo Natural Reserve

Travel image - Mindo, Ecuador

They say, in a rainforest there is only one season rainy...
and not so damn rainy!

Surprisingly, the rain just stopped for a while. It was very warm so all of the moisture on the vegetation started evaporating. That's how the fog together with stunning evening light created that mysterious scenery!

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Absolutely Scary Mountains
Antenas del Pichincha

Travel image - Pichincha, Ecuador

It just started raining on the way back from the mountains.
The sky got dark and heavily cloudy...

How could you miss the opportunity to take a couple of pictures?

The atmosphere created is a result of contrast between shining yellow grass and the top of the mountain covered in shadow. The motions visible on the grass are corresponding with navy clouds all above.

You can feel the power of nature and the insignificance of the human being.

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