Photo Competition AFE

The Competition has been created in order to promote Ecuadorian Artists Worldwide.


Each month we choose the Best Photographs from the AFE Group "El Arte de la Fotografía Ecuatoriana" and present them in the OnLine Gallery.

The Criteria for choosing the Best Photographs are as follows:

  • Creativity,
  • Uniqueness,
  • General Feeling.
  • We are not evaluating your technical skills, as we believe that Photography is an Art, so perception should not be restricted only to the technical aspects. Therefore, you can submit any type of your Artworks related to Photography!

    How to join the Competition?

    Please subscribe here and upload your work.


    You can share one of your pictures via the AFE Group per day. We select the Best Photographs each month and present them in the OnLine Gallery. More information about the rules is available in the Group Description.


    The Copyrights of each Presented Photograph belong to the Author mentioned in the description above the pictures. By submitting your work to the AFE Photo Competition you agree that if your picture wins, it will be showcased in this OnLine Gallery. Our Goal is to promote Ecuadorian Artists and provide recognition by presenting their best Artworks here. We will not share your work with any Third Parties.

    Limited Responsibility

    By submitting your picture to the Photo Competition AFE you claim that you are the Author of the photograph who hold publication rights regarding submitted work, captured people, and places. The Winning Pictures are presented in the OnLine Gallery. Therefore, potential unlawful copying is out of our control and it is not our responsibility. However, we have prohibited the right click on the presented images in order to prevent downloading. This increases security of your Artworks !

    We reserve the right to close the competition at any time without giving an explanation.