Why you should never take pictures in the rain?

1. There is not enough light!
2. You will get wet and sick!!
3. Your camera won't work afterwards!!!

* Or maybe because you will get incredible pictures?

If you are not afraid to risk it, you definitely have to grab a camera and go shoot in the rain!

How to do it?

1. Put on some waterproof clothes, e.g. for hiking. This way you won't get disturbed by humid weather. Don't forget to take an umbrella for protection of your equipment! A simple plastic bag can be useful as well...

2. Set up a longer time than usual and increase the ISO if necessary. During cloudy weather the light is weaker. However, it should be strong enough for taking pictures without using any flash!

3. If you want to get natural colours, white balance should be set up as in cloudy weather. You can use white paper as well to get perfect sets!

4. When you get everything ready just remember to cover you camera with an umbrella and keep the rest of equipment safe in a plastic bag for additional protection.

What to capture?

Do you see those incredible clouds?
Illuminations in the wet ground?
Drops of water over the plants?

Try to capture it, or whatever else you are finding inspiring!

And believe me, light during the rain is perfect for pictures.

Check them out below!

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Rain Image - Bicentenario


Rain Image - Umbrella


Rain Image - Niñito


Rain Image - Niñito


Rain Image - Niñito


Rain Image - Niñito


The dog visible in the photographs
is a typical Ecuadorian Breed.
They are small but very intelligent.


This time "Niñito" managed to escape from the house, as he couldn't resist staying alone. He jumped over the fences and followed me all the way to the Bicentenario Park in Quito, Ecuador. There is an Old Airport located there which was adapted as a place for recreation and sports. It's a perfect place for exercising... and taking pictures as well!

As I already had a dog with me, it was necessary to take an opportunity and make several pictures of Niñito. You might not believe me, but it was very challenging to capture him at an ideal angle. This dog doesn't know any discipline! And unfortunately, I didn't have anything else to offer him except my patience.


Rain Image - Niñito


However, it was worth the effort... Afterwards those pictures became some of the best photographs from the session!

Niñito kept escaping and following me to the park as well.
So, I decided to take him jogging and we became friends!

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Rain Image - Cotopaxi